Arri Wind in volo  su ColicoAmong the numerous passions two, particularly intense, stand out and they are: plying skies and sailing seas, strictly with a renewable and inexhaustible source, “the wind”. In effect, Arri Wind is hang-glider (free flight); for many years it has been flown in every possible place with its “blue big brother” kite.

It has sailed in the Mediterranean sea with its sailing ship “Escondida”, an old and wonderful Grand Soleil.

Today, when it is possible for him, he escapes from the city chaos and he plunges into its sea.

He always promise himself to stop working and to be only a sailor but actually, after a few time, he must come back to his work, because for him it is the other big passion and he can’t give up both living.

When he’s at the sea, he needs to come back to the city, and when he’s in the city, he must come back to the blue.

Al timone di Escondida