Disegni per ITA70“Don’t plough the field for the harvest but for the sake of it, you will harvest always golden ears”

For Arri Wind, the project is a sacred process; he has a great respect for creativity – because a simple idea can change the world.

And the creativity must to be deserved facing the project with humility by semplifying it and showing them with a few well-organized data, by sharing information with everybody, by being

In order to get the solutions ,you need to have a lot of enthusiasm, to never stop at the first drawings, but to go beyond and over again, do not never settle; the unique solution requires sacrifice and passion, which only unconditional love for their work gives you.
The enthusiasm exceeds the fatigue and just going over allows you to reach the best solution, which will be unique and extraordinary.

Disegni per ITA70
Preliminary study for GAIA 107
Studio ingressi di Gaia107
Disegni cancello e banderuole