Hard-working during all his life of different oriental disciplines, he specializes in Feng Shui architecture and just all his experiences which allowed him to build harmonious houses, which provide people who live in with positive energy and wellness.

And so it was born the plan “Structural Feng Shui”.

The application of the ancient oriental art consists in organizing rooms in an essential way, in harmony with the environment, and in getting positive energy from the modern building techniques.

Arri Wind when plans doesn’t think at Feng Shui techniques but they are natural for it, because they are inside its nature, its DNA.

And when the work has been done, you can notice that only cm2 has been thought, planned and made in the best way and in Feng Shui full philosophy.

You can simply come in an Arri Wind home to feel immediately better, comfortable, and you are full of energy and optimism.

Realizzazione in marmi pregiati
Affresco per Gaia 107And in this moment you can understand and feel that the feng shui philosophy becomes physics, real and well-being.
This feeling is different from person to person depending on how we are made, our balance, our sensitivity, but also for the skeptics is unequivocally the pleasantness to enter in these places.
The application of feng shui in Arri Wind projects is structural, born in architectural design, continues in the choice of the ground and of the materials used ,in the exposure of the rooms, in the use of renewable energies.
In contact with nature, in creating volumes and geometries that are flowing energy flows.
Thus was born the concept of structural feng shui that combines the logic of the ancient Eastern philosophy with the most modern construction techniques.
Affresco ingresso per Gaia107
Affresco per Gaia 107“Feng Shui” is an ancient Eastern philosophy, which teaches us to harmonize the place where we live to relax and to increase vital energy.
The place, the design, the layout of the rooms, the materials, the relationship with the nature elements, the light, the colors help to create a healthy, relaxing and make flow positive energy into the house.

From the ancient wisdom we learn to live today
in conceiving the Gaia project we applied the ancient art of Feng Shui in an advanced building. We discovered that many concepts are relevant today even though it’s passed a lot of time.
Yes, because technology goes ahead as it changes quickly, but not the man, remains always with his basic needs, his feelings, his emotions, his desires, his fears, his doubts and questions.

The big hexagram Kkien “The Creative”
The exterior architecture is characterized by its six horizontal balconies that form the hexagram Kkien the “The creative” :the most lucky and powerful symbol of the Book of Changes “KING” and the most important book of world literature, where it is contained the wisdom of thousands of years of ancient Chinese culture.

Feng Shui strutturale
The “Pagoda” The temple where you can find strength and optimism.
La Pagoda di Gaia107Another feature of Gaia is the double dome in the center of the roof, as a symbol of contact with the sky, “air element,” which remembers in modern key the Chinese Pagodas.
Pagodas are temples of meditation and purification, places dedicated to introspection and prayer. In Gaia plan there is the highest place in the building; from here you can admire a sunset, a sunrise, and a starry sky or enjoy the panorama of Alps.
Ideal for reading a book, converse, practise yoga, find them or share relaxing moments with your friends.
The tower has a circular shape. The circle is a magical form, exposed to all cardinal points and in here focus all positive forces of the Universe.

Interiors and Feng Shui
Spazi interni e Feng ShuiThe rooms are all well-proportioned; we have eliminated the columns and the edges, using geometric shapes energy such as the circle and the octagon.
We opened windows in all rooms and bathrooms, so that light and air could enter bringing the energy and making it flow inside.
We’ve removed heaters, chimneys, water heaters, air conditioners and all that could occupy space.
We used natural and ecological materials such as the plaster “Rock Gambassi” – (useful to maintain proper humidity of the rooms) stones and natural woods.
The park around the house has been created to live the earth element, enjoy the changing seasons and the beauty of the plants.
We used the thermal exchange with the ground so as to have the heating and cooling in a natural way without using fuels.

Feng Shui and ecology are the same thing
Feng Shui is a discipline simple and complex, which, at the same time, comes to us from the ancient traditions of the East, sometimes difficult to understand for Western thought. For us, the creators of Gaia, the study and practice of these cultures are daily and that’s why we wanted them to apply, with the good sense to realize an extraordinary building. It’s been a great pleasure to design and build it, and it is a pleasure just to give it to people who like us have in mind an ecological thinking.
For a better world.