Arri Wind nella classica posizione del lotoAttracted as a child by the philosophy and practices of the ancient East, he began to practice yoga,
first translating from a few books dedicated to this unknown and mysterious discipline.

He attended the first institute of yoga in Milan, student of the master Maurizio Morelli.

Since 1975, after founding the Modern Karate Corsico teaches yoga and martial arts to give a more complete and extended vision of body and mind techniques. Today he practices yoga in contact with nature.

1973 allenamenti nel dojo di MilanoAfter an important competitive career, we have to remember the final of the Italian championships in karate open in 1977 and the victory of the European club in 1982.

Arri Wind is known as the Master of Martial arts, in fact she taught for more than thirty years to thousands of students many of whom have become champions at the international level.

Master Shirai’s pupil up to the level of 2, Dan then starts a new adventure and practices a lot of fighting styles.

In 1975 he founded the Modern Karate Corsico that soon became an important martial arts clubs at international level. He wins for about ten years everything there is to win.

Arri Wind was one of the first Italian 4 Dan; he was also International referee and manager of Wako.

It happens very often that when he walking through Milan is recognized and greeted by some of his students.

“Martial arts not only teach techniques of the body, but also a philosophy and a way of life, with the constant goal of improving themselves.”

1975 nasce il CSKM
Arri Wind articolo su Banzai 1985
K M Corsico vince gli europei ad Anversa 1985