Milanese designer, who has been working for a lot of time – approximately for 40 years – is working also much.

If you multiply this two factors you could understand how can build up experience may be rich in all designer’s fields. It is sufficient to think that during his long career it had made thousand projects for more than 500 customers all over the world, covering all commodity fields.

While he attended architecture, he cooperated with early advertising agencies and design studies in Milan.

He also specialized in various courses in the world about creativity and he graduated with honours in the early famous “Scuola Superiore d’Arte del Castello” in Milan.

After different experiences in companies and agencies, in 1977 he was elected as creative director in well-known “MID DESIGN” office in Porta Romana. Two years later, in 1979, in the heart of the city, he founded “GRUPPO ARRI” office which goes along 30 years of the most beautiful Italian creativity.

In 1993 he moved from centre of Milan and chose a new strategic position, which is restored an old disused warehouse and he began it in one magnificent building.

In this way sprang one innovative structure called “CCI”, the first and unique center that gathers all communications and designers’ services.

Here are contests the most state-of-the-art technology, the well-tested professional experiences, and the most advanced informatics equipments.
“CCI” made the history of communication and it was taken as example all over the world.

From 1999 it changes direction and it puts all its experience in a new field, ecologic construction one. It studies all the most advanced ecologic systems and so it puts together its big designer experience and oriental discipline expert, by means of the notion of last generation ecology. And so it was born a new logic about conceiving the home plan “structural feng shui”.
In 2005 it build ITA 70 offices with adventurist architecture drop-shaped.

In 2011 he builds GAIA 107, the most ecologic house all over the world, the most beautiful example of how to build today. From the extraordinary experience of GAIA 107 plan, where he has used the most advanced ecologic systems and he made them interact each other, and he perceives the need to share this experience with those who all work for a better planet. And so in 2012, together with Karmen, he founds the 1st ecologic technology Pole GAI ECOSPACE in order to spread the culture and the diffusion of ecologic systems and products.

From 1986 BEDA member
Bureau of European Design Association

1986 – 1989: I.E.D. teacher (European Art Design Institute) in Piazza Diaz in Milan

1988: he published the book “On the wings of fantasy” about creativity

From 1993: TP member

1996: he published the book “Third Millennium Goal” about creativity.

He won more than 50 National and International awards, among them:

5 design Grand prix

12 golden shields

8 Agorà awards

3 communication enterprise festivals

2 European promotion 2002 and 2003 award

1 2003 “Best agency of the year”

1 2003 eco-friendly Comieco award

Reporter in numerous meetings and conferences, he cooperates with important magazines and television with interviews and articles aiming at giving a piece of information about new ecologic experimented technologies and at Feng Shui application.

He’s also consultant of how to construct in an ecologic way.

Some sketches of Gaia 107 plan
Primo Bozzetto di Gaia107
Ingresso secondario e principale
Studio Cancellata
Arri Wind and its inspiring muse
Creativity always needs an inspiration, a reason, to be able to spread out and to
become concrete.

For Arri Wind the inspiring muse
is obviously Karmen.

Partner during all his life, they shared together all their projects without sparing themselves. The one was the multiplier of the other.

None of them is satisfied and wants to go far, and when the one stops, the other pushes and vice versa. When the one is in trouble, the other gives the charge and makes the problem simpler.

“Having Karmen next to me helps me to face up every adventure. With her enthusiasm, her generosity and her talented simplicity you can overcome every obstacle and you are always able to reach the destination, or better you go far”.